DIY Disaster | The Fizzy Bomb Experiment

Soooo ... I tried my hand at making home made bath bombs last week.

It was one of my most epic Pinterest Fails yet. Hilarious, yet terrible.

I followed a recipe I found here, but user error and an incredibly helpful three year old left us with.

Well, this.
They aren't terrible, but it got pretty warm in the house the next morning and well. They like foamed up. The brown was an attempt at purple. But with the inclusion of the olive oil I got this odd gelatinous mix.

BUT. When I dropped them in the tub with my daughter it was like an awesome foamy explosion. It was well worth the disaster in the kitchen.

Here's a pictorial of how it went. I'm really not in the mood for words on it.

Dry and wet makes crazy lumpy ingredients.

I tired to use the molds, but the mix just kept pouring out. So our fizzy balls turned into fizzy cupcakes.

And well, that was my attempt at making fizzy balls.

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