Skynet and Our Home From the Future

While patiently, well kind of patiently, waiting for our Notion sensors to come we decided to take part in their "What's in Your Smart Home" conversation. That's when I realized that we have a ton of smart uh ... stuff in our home. Over time we've invested a ton of money in smart home "stuff" that I really hope is making our home smarter, easier to use and more efficient.

Let's take a look at how our smart home functions.

Comfort and Safety
For these features of our home we went the Nest route. We couldn't help ourselves and I just loved the way the Nest Thermostats looked. So we purchased two for our two units and we have seen a HUGE improvement in our electric and natural gas bills in the winter and our electric bills in the summer. Comparing those bills now don't show that difference the way they did the first two years though with the addition of two dehumidifiers in our basement, but those things are well worth it (just need to convince my husband of that). We also replaced our old smoke detectors with three hardwired Nest Protects. Those we had installed by a handyman, as our wires in the walls didn't exactly match up to the Nest instructions. So far, so good with those, and I love how they even test themselves to be sure they are working.

Security | Cameras, Cameras, Cameras!
We have so many cameras around the house that they make my husband anxious. While he loves the security he always jokes that skynet is going to take over the house one day. Am I the only one who would at least like to see how that would really go down? I won't tell you were they are in case you want to try to break in, but I will say we have two foscams, two monitored cameras from our monitored security company, a Ring doorbell, a Ring stickup cam and a canary. Yeah, I get it, That's alot of cameras. No lie though, I want one more. Then I'll feel like our project is complete. Well, maybe two more. Don't tell my husband.

Home Automation
I love our automated home! It seriously makes me so happy. After weeks of research between SmartThings, Quirky and Iris we went with Quirky (not out of business) and their Wink Hub. I'm not sure if it's better than everything else out there, but I LOVE IT. Quirky has had some major issues with other product lines, business decisions etc. But their Wink Hub (yes I had it when it bricked) and the connected products are well used within our home. That includes about fifteen GE Link light bulbs, four of their light switches and two electrical outlets. As a test I also stepped outside of my Wink comfort zone and added in one Wemo light switch and a Wemo smart heater for the basement. I'm not overly in love with the Wemo products, but they were easy to install and I love telling Alex to "turn on the study". I feel futuristic and fancy all at the same time.

Well for now that's enough. What does your home automation setup look like? I'm here to chat if you have ideas you want to share!

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