Once Upon a Time we had a GROSS Deck

Once upon a time there was a family of three (four if you count Olaf the dog). They really loved their home, but hated their deck. It was old and unloved and well, it looked like this.

For four years our family lived without a deck that was usable and ventured out there at our own risk to grill or just sit outside, but it was not place that we wanted our toddler or dog to actually go. After many renovations inside of the home we turned our attention to the outside as we were blessed with a child and dog who loved the sunshine as much as we did.

Here is a shot of the deck in progress. Notice that we are about 13 feet off of the ground (another reason we never used the deck). Kudos to the contractors who aren't afraid of heights and worked up there without any railings.

And our new deck wouldn't be complete without a special piece for our little one so that she could have her own spot to sun herself in. Her daddy made sure the umbrella was in just the right spot.

And there you have it. Four years later and we finally have an outside spot that we really love!

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