Pinterest Fail

Things I learned today:

  • The feminist in me needs to let go and ask my husband for help more often.
  • I have a bad wrist and am not super woman.
  • It's too hot for this $#!t.
  • Pinterest is a lie.
  • Pallets are REALLY hard to take apart.
  • I will find a way to build another planter out of these remaining pallets.
So this is where I got so far in the sweatbox known as our garage. I decided to cut the pallets apart so that I could save time and energy and the sizes worked out. BUT, in doing so I was left with pieces that still needed to come off of the pallets so that the edges could connect. 

After three nails out and a gallon of sweat I decided to take a break forever for the day and come back to it another day. Yes, I am woman, hear me roar. No, I can not get this thing apart. Yes, I will be asking hubs to save me before I break my wrist. I will be back though. This pallet will not defeat me.

Pinterest says I can do it. So it shall be done.

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