Color Crew

So here's a random fact about me. If I could be an artist I totally would. I love colors and art, and if I had one bit of that special something I would be a designer. I also love art supplies and may or may not hoard them, but that's neither here nor there.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm mean with a can of spray paint.

But, true sketch to concept alludes me. So, where does a girl like me turn? Coloring books.

Do you color? I do and it is so peaceful. One thing they don't tell you about having children is that many of the activities they do are so peaceful for adults. So many times I felt such peace coloring or painting with our little one and then I found that there are books for people like me. I've invested in a few, and have found that while I am no artist, I am a darn good colorer. Is that a word?

Well those were my thoughts for the evening. I wanted to share.


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