The Mrs.

One upon a time the great and wonderful Quees Beyoncé went on tour.

All hail Queen B.

She called that tour the Mrs. Carter tour.

People lost their shit.

Why is she calling herself that. She's made her own way, she's ...  you can tell I don't care what they had to say. The queen can do whatever she damn well pleases.

Once upon a time I, who is not Beyoncé ( I like poke bowls and fuel pizza aa too much to get in shape like her), once went to a CBC party. If you're not from DC that's a whole other blog post. At said party while my girlfriends were chatting it up with some Kappas. Sorry hubs. I was texting with my husband. Frat boys (young or not so young) don't always take too kindly to bring ignored and because I'm short. Yes dammit I'm only five feet tall. Decided it was time to give me a nickname.

For the rest of the night I was "Mrs."

My height and stature have always lead to teasing. In college I was named "little big body". I worked for my schools athletic department and football players who are frat boys can be ... Hilarious. So, getting called Mrs. didn't hurt my feelings. Knowing those types I knew where they were going and I thought it was funny. So much so that when I told my husband about it he got me a tshirt that simply said Mrs.

So where am I going with this? That shirt got a lot of interesting looks and comments. Mostly from overly woke folks who seemed to think that defining myself in that way somehow was degrading to me as a woman who has a great job, is a great mother and a damn good taker carer of home stuff. What we fail to realize is that women like me are successful in part because of the partnerships we have formed with our partners. If it weren't for him I would have never taken a job so far away from home.

Far too many men of any race or status are afraid of a woman who has her own money and power. Being his Mrs. gives me the power of his love and partnership and him the ability to live his best life because his dynasty has a chief like me.

So love your title, or don't, but let others live.

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