Welcome Back Again

So after the election I did some soul searching and realized that I can unapologetically love my blackness, my country, my family, my job, my home and most importantly myself all at once.

I have learned over the past year that black love is real and it should be celebrated because far too many outlets work hard to make sure that black men, families and children are seen as less than.

I've learned that sometimes women work hard to fight for men and they don't show us the same love.

I've learned that loving them back, fighting for their rights and standing up for them when they are taken down is a privilege that I still want to have.

I've learned that I'm not going to hide my love for fear of looking like I'm gloating, or that saying "I've got a mighty fine man and a damn good marriage" is going to come back to bite me in the ass one day.

I've learned that because if that man ever makes that "fool" out of me I'll be burning his possessions up to Don't Hurt Yourself because ... well ... Beyonce.

I've learned to embrace one of my husbands favorite sayings, "crazy don't wash off." I use it alot to keep myself from arguing with idiots on FB, twitter, the golf course, gas stations, my commuter train and everywhere else.

I've finally, FINALLY learned that living your best life is the purest, most delicious form of revenge.

I've learned that silence is golden.

I've reconnected with Remy Ma.

I've learned never to listen to Jeezy when I'm in my feelings because he will get someone cussed out.

I've learned that the phrase don't let your president get your ass whopped is really real. 

I'm still learning how to keep my quick mouth shut.

The journey here will be different, it will be new. I'm raising a toddler who is privileged as hell and I'm not going to let anyone steal her joy. Not even me.

I'm by no means fully "woke", but I'm waking the hell up.

Ride with me.

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